Barbara Neilson

Artist Profile 2016

Since 1999, I have been painting Canadian Maritime scenes en plein air around my home on Passamaquoddy Bay.  My style is primarily influenced by the noted Canadian painter, Chinkok Tan. Each summer, he leads a group of artists who are inspired by the landscape here. Chin teaches painting with three primary colours, one brush and the paper. I love that simplicity.  It gives you the freedom to enjoy and explore the colours. In this collaborative setting, we learn from him and from each other.  I feel some of my best works are produced during these sessions. My work has been collected by people from across North and South America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and is currently available in Europa Restaurant Saint Andrews, Rossmount Inn, Chamcook and in my home.

I hope you enjoy my work shown here over the last eight years.  All artworks are original watercolours on acid-free stock, unless otherwise noted, and the prices are in Canadian dollars for unframed pieces.